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The most frequent question on the net: How did X get? In photoland, this is phrased: What camera does X use?

Weekenders spend their days discussing tech, buying choice, details of use for years. It is how the fora survive; as support for limited exchanges, or, exchange reduced to limited topics. Contrary to their assumptions, these exercises reduce their development; retarding, reducing them to talking about the sales brochure with the counter cleaner.

they don’t read much theory. why would they? they know all they need. I wouldn’t read theoretical concrete or waste removal. I know all I use, already.

Not to forget the main focus of this thread, I’m afraid Gursky doesn’t work for me at all – just nothing there with any resonance for me. I do understand how the elaborate production serves his purposes, so more power to him.

LFPF Mod’s input to request for “Camera & Gursky”

Gursky doesn’t talk about process. Resists answering questions about how he works, all the while, willingly talking for hours about what the imagery means; where it comes from; thoughts, and impressions he gains from other artists.

Meanwhile, the forum is filled with conversation about film, developer, aperture; going so far as clarifying if it is the lens with the ‘inside or outside lettering.’ This is the fine detail of fine art.

No it isn’t! It is merely more bad reasoning about how photography becomes meaningful. These are detours for the lost. A cynic would say that these sites are sand traps meant to keep the avid away from the accomplished.

The buy/sell sections are filled with opportunity to buy the scrap of your forum friendly guides.

 at 13 you read teen and seventeen, learning about girl and self.
at 31 what would you get by being a 17 aspirant’
what would you think of a 31 year old man reading boys life? 

to realize enlightenment, you must enlighten someone