All Work Begins with

work begins with wondering about something.

In most fields, it means wondering about that field itself. We speak the language we hear. We see what we are shown.

film on lightbox got me moving into work from another way of working. The positive and negative images add to a completely other image thought.

40 years ago, these would have had only one way of being printed. The negative being fairly strait forward; the slide could be printed more ways. Two simple, the other time consuming. Both could have been printed using dye transfer. That was my preference.

I preferred dye, not because it was ‘better’, ‘truer’ color, but because it was assembly — many ways to prepare those items.

Today as tea brewed:

In the days of Dye, my first set of masks wouldn’t be dry. Sigh.

Language is a skill requiring practice. Immersive. Recurrent. True of words as well as, perhaps even more, of images. The picture mind is hard to imagine.

Try. Please.