overnight: 11.27.20

 that it be funny to others, not about others
 interesting story should be, most importantly, interesting; either specifically or broadly.
 socialism is the bible without the killing
 common — eden
 private — satan
 communism is the garden of eden
  — is the bible before it was written..
 — before it was for sale
 capitalism is the bible for sale.
 final mile is the vital mile
 a mile too far
 package lost is confidence lost
 picture not place
 placement not place
 fleas naughty dog
 we are the system — it doesn’t sustain, it detains
 alt-photo resurgence
 from petrochemical photography decline is
 the emergence, growth of digital photography — the OHP

 duen·de  — bull fighter
 at every Texas restaurant: 
 beano, Pepcid, ex-lax
 further, not dragging the dumb-bell
 finish of tech, means you must face the difficult part — & your deficiency of going beyond the process past