overnight: 4.12.20

need never enters the board room
 greed and fear of exposure are the emotions in the american boardroom\\
 price theory, that thing you memorize. catachism of capitalism. works only on undergraduate exam papers. non parallel lines intersect is geometry, not political economy. euclid ain’t smith; neither fresh water, not salt water theorems of exchange.
 spare parts, flawed exchange mechansimos
 they’re worried about us taking their guns, all the while they steal our words.
 religion is ignorance
 economics is arrogance
 art is elegance
 shirt turned inside out
 rebel with just cause; for a cause
 not just because
 appalacha coala / Cola
 looking for the constitution
 if it isn’t in the constitution is it unconstitutional?
 time to throw the baby jesus out with the bath water.
 Trump lead by bluster, boast, and delay
 Bus driver,while boasting of his driving skill,kills 100,000