Words Follow Pictures

re-reading Ursula Le Guin, and Teju Cole: No Time to Spare, and Blind Spot

I jump between books. My method is stick scraps of paper into sections; marking phrases. I also read online; a dozen regulars, daily. Additional plunkings into the photocounter blogs, those places that are based upon the internet ‘click’ counter. 

I’m not going to direct you to them, preferring to let them grow their own way.

Having My Cake

Ursula’s Metaphor tale about cake and eat it too. The meaning she took and the one most of the world held suggested the following: Writing means adding words to the idea.

Most of us use the wrong amount. Like bad cooks; like most cooks.

Blind Spot

Teju Cole’s book is a nourishment for the right blend. He photographs, but he is a writer. A skilled crafter of phrases. They don’t get ‘in’ as far as many of Ursula’s, however, they do take me into  the process of wording a path.

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