[6.14.21] Talent on the street

ytube talent
when you think it's because you aren't talented enough

busker. sultan . another brick. homeless drops a sandwich to him.. busker eats it at the end of the play.

how much of success is talent, 
did you ever think it would have been better to play music.
the fame is from the author of the song, not the busker outside the tourist hotel.

the easy art
abundant because it is easy. a requirement of friendship.

man on TV
able to turn the story of them, the trees, into a story of him. wood cutting .. tells part of their story.
Oregon Public Broadcasting segment

“”Thank you everyone. If I have helped inspire then run with it and create. Glad to know I can help. I was fortunate to have a wonderful collaboration with the talented artist who did this production.”””
Oregon Public Broadcasting segment - Page 5
Oregon Public Broadcasting segment
Last year I was a selected artist for a segment on me and my work. It aired on our local PBS station tonight and I must say I'm very impressed with the work the producer Jacob Pander and his team did. They captured who I am as an artist in the segment and I'm pleased to say the least.

If you care to check it out here is the link.



group knowledge
why we don't trust wikipedia, but do trust the forums

value of meaning
value of pi{e} in peoria, you will encounter someone who recalls that is was only a nickel years ago, but now, it is 99 cents.
"the curves are self explanatory"
does that mean they explain themselves to themselves


Durst – asking for instructions

Searching the web is easy; too easy. Getting answers is easy, also, too easy. The correct answer is rarely as easy as the online experts make it seem. Google catalogs the words, it doesn’t have a knowledge engine, so can’t access how valid the website is. The assumption of links, references is that more links, more use, means that it is correct. Actually, it means there is a popularity rank to that site. There is a path, a cliche of words. The error of this is circular. More and more seekers are sent to the tent at the end of the well travelled path.

Another example has played out on Large Format Forum:

I asked and was told assembly was “really hard”

as it turns out, it is actually quite easy. Needing only one person, a 24mm socket wrench and knowledge. Reminder, these enlargers were sold without installation support. Photographers with limited mechanical skill put them together in basements, garages all across Europe and America.

the answer:

 put the carrier on the column. 
Because of the spring, turn the main screw  on the left of the arm) to the left, holding it tight, so the weight is released allowing it to be easily mounted. 
Next, lift the (now released of tension) smaller clamp and place it on the lower column, 
turn the big screw back to the right.
 You have a functional baseboard lift mechanism.

Simple enough. So, why does a website that takes pride in keeping analog photography alive, as well as having an elite gathering of knowledgeable sharing avid photographers often (always?) the answer wrong? We already know why you are sent there. google just works that way.

Simple Facts: the thread that gave raise to this example went on for 5 pages, protracted over 9 months. The participants were ones most often seen answering questions on Durst and other darkroom equipment. They post on photrio, as well. Just gathering a rough count shows over 750 threads concerning Durst enlargers on Large Format Forum. That is a count of threads, not posts. That is a whole lot of ‘text’ to get through to find much of value, much of immediate use to someone setting out on a darkroom practice.

Who answered? A German company that refurbishes enlargers.