Overnight: 4.26.21

Dye Hokey
dye transfer requires space, a bit of attention time, and dexterity.
It is a process cloaked in rounders and back benchers making it a cult. Most of them never got to the real process, instead they stay at the hand waving, constant fear of failure, fear of expense stage.

They fool themself into the hokey pokey making it seem hoku pokus.
You put your red sep in, you put your magenta mask out... mix yourself up and leave it till next week.

clarity of
as present, or as presented. the imager, picturing the present

past perfect
working in the silver mine until becoming lost in the dye cloud
digging in the silver mine looking for a dye cloud

past & future
in printed times a subscription gave you the future issues. in digital days a subscription entitles you to the past issues

in 40 years
there will be more of yesterday's rain, then of you.
crying helps everything
electronics, avionics, photornics, histrionics

skill is a manifold

novice (is the amateur)

Aperture as magazine. Glad that it has changed; no longer featuring the “perennial question” getting to the millennial quest.
Small blooms

A perennial question produced only small blooms; luckily it hasn’t taken over the garden

past participle poets
searching for shy photograph