op money ideas ... warehouse for the internet
payment processor for the internet

those ideas gave us the world's richest two men.
oh, build it upon government ground, using open source, donated tools.
redistribute wealth by remaking work relationships.
wealth / work. internet workshop.
republicans are primarily concerned with money
go to texas. thinking work is community. maybe he can finally get a smart carlane.
money power
life death
mask free in the cough and die state
texas unmasked
lonely or one fine dancer: he took himself to the prom
post depression .... 

trump train: short for bad sex
sneeze machine gun bullets.Bacterial Warfare would draw more support.

Texas community cottage culture: 
gun fun. guilt & God.
trump trained: pain and punishment. you're fired. you're fried.

but my 401k is growing?  so you've been bought. you got bot. BUT do you know who feeds the 401k; how it started?
texas calls it the panhandle; idaho it's called the scaffold.
lonely or one fine dancer — took himself to the prom
workshops segregate .. in protected photographers only lounge