overnights: 12.15.21

brotography talk
online disorder

keep the Texas hate in Houston — attack of Houston hunger in NYC

there are only so many ways to spin the truth; lies have infinite permutations. why the boring lie so much & so well.

nitpicking leads to talking with nits until you go nuts

Composition makes it sound like we're discussing third-grade penmanship
everything looks better through the rear view mirror

ctnameless a dye transfer  printer gone dry. 

the larger the site/ greater participation increases agitation need to be seen.. approval necessitates rivalry..

generate off stream revenue from 'this online' stream ...
psycofile... words used. links liked. profile generated of what they consumer/where/when

right wing conservative fiction of freedom. force yes onto unemployment -- let the state support you.
--[don't know what i read that took me here]

Republibums :: Retired military living in yellowstain. Twinkies, take-out, tittie bar specials.