Fresnel on View Camera

who, how you ask has more impact than you may think.

It should be easy to get an answer to a common question; go to a forum of users and ask. The only thing that can go wrong is misunderstanding of question; right? I mean, it is a fact, not an opinion being asked

How do you position a fresnel in your view camera; say a Linhof, Sinar, etc.?

One way is ask the manufacturer; lookup the manual instead of asking the random weekender with a login to Photrio, LargeFormatForum, etc.

Linhof: The Fresnel screen is placed over the groundglass with the grooved side to­wards the lens (Technikardan 4×5, Master Technika classic and 3000, Kardan re).
Slide Fresnel screen under the fixed retaining clips at the bottom of the groundglass frame and slide the upper two rotatable retaining springs over the Fresnel screen using a pointed object (such as ballpen etc.). Removal of Fresnel screen in rev
ersed sequence.

Sinar has similar instructions and direction.

If you are using a camera or screen other than these two, the first answer remains — ask them, not the forum folk.

Another common screen source is Intenscreen [12,2021](

In 2002 there was a meeting of university photography teachers concerned that closing darkrooms would leave a hole in the education of future photographers. Their greater concern was that forums staffed by amateurs, self-taught hobbyists would be the main source of knowledge. It was proposed that this might mean the linkages between craft and creative purpose would become “clubish” — being more in-bred than under the time of Kodakery manner publications — popular photography with annual features of “how-to photograph” (children, babies, pets, vacations, etc).

In 2012 they met again. This time with a sigh, shrug. What they thought would happen actually had happened. The net had fractured the core knowledge into small shards of protectorates. Gatherings attending to their privileged positions. There wasn’t a solution — caution isn’t much of a solution.

Be Careful Out There. This Way Comes Error.