short: The Open Web

publishing to the open web, what you are reading, means my leaving stuff for others to gather up. something like telling you my ideas without requiring you to say thank you or tell others. you get to magpie like it was yours.

and that happens. and i don’t care. most of the times. however, there are times that it matters: they, the magpie, doesn’t get it right … they lift, claim jump, and do it in error. that is why, sometimes, i await questions, rather than posting to the great wide world.

this came up ’cause i just found an old ‘recipe’ for a mordant system; something that, instead of posting it here, will be placed onto a wiki system that few will see. the great thing being that that group will use it to use it, not to make brag points on some forum —

don’t feed the magpies.