Landscape Division

Activity gaps: things we do that we seem to share, instead they show our difference. The gap between what, why, how of those that do a thing as a casual undertaking and those for whom that same thing is what drives meaning in their life. Art addiction, or deriving personal satisfaction.

When you think about photography, is it about the hobbyists you know; their shared aspiration of appreciation of mastering a skill. Or, is it about inclusion among those of the artworld. Do you say that in mature voice, or in smug contempt — you are above such things — you float above the world, as a god!

this, today: two landscape books from those who make books, and show in galleries.

Beate Gutschow: Relieving the Contingency


“‘Constructed Landscapes’ is an ongoing project by photographer Dafna Talmor that consists of landscapes created through a process of collaged and montaged colour negatives shot in different locations. While reconfiguring the images, she generates a space that defies specificity; transient landscapes that blur place, memory, and time in a conflation of reality and the imaginary. These reference historical processes, such as early pictorialist tendencies of combination printing and modernist experiments with the materiality of film, yet her work also engages with contemporary discourses on manipulation, the analogue/digital divide, and the effects these have on photography’s status.”

Making books is the way of preserving concerns and concepts; a way of talking to the future. Exhibits have impact that is short lived. Exhibit catalogs have been the resting place of great ideas for decades. They seems to have been the support income for both photographer and writer.

Become a viewer of both to become a maker of both.