Further Afield

so, finding a pigment leads you to a bar from your very young self. Stanley’s.

Pigments, those little things that go into so much — they come about in many ways, so to find them look to a store that specializes such as Kremer. https://shop.kremerpigments.com/us/shop/pigments/

” ‘Jack was one of the artists who has probably tried the most of our products here. I spoke to him a week before he passed, and he asked me about this aluminum powder and these mica pigments he had been trying over the last five years; he was experimenting a lot with light. He’d always been interested in this idea of how you can capture light with expressionism, and he was essentially using these pearlescent pigments to achieve this mimicry of transition.’ https://www.hauserwirth.com/ursula/26548-brief-history-georg-kremers-quiet-revolution-color/

The Jack is Jack Whitten whose book “Notes From the Woodshed” is under my mouse now. https://shop.hauserwirth.com/products/jack-whitten-notes-from-the-woodshed

‘The definition of ‘woodshed’ comes from the world of jazz. To go to the woodshed or to woodshed means to practice in private, which gives room for different types of experimentation, but also suggests a space where real and rigorous work can be possible, where rehearsal and radical vision away from a particular type of gaze has been vetted before it enters into a public realm.’