Finding Others

People have always formed groups. We begin because of that. Life is a result of combination. Civilization is the telling of those gatherings using forms carried by those groups.

How do you find interesting others? Art school is a major place; common ground. A distinction is made between those who went to art school and those who didn’t. Schools are ranked, somewhat, by faculty value in the artworld. Art schools came of age after the general revival of college in the 50s was followed upon by the college student gap of the 60s. This was the culture gap. Between the Greatest Generation and their children the Boomer Generation.

Fear not, the Boomers lost. 1968 broke that bubble.

How do I look for artists? I look at art schools. The web takes me there. I also look at the art world. The web takes me to the gallery schemes. Quite easy to find something like this:

this is after looking at one of these people’s webpage. they listed galleries with their work.

this is, to my eye, a wide range group. That fact makes it a good jump point to current artworld view of photography art.

this isn’t a wide enough age range to be useful for advanced research. You won’t find the edge, not the direction of the photography world. You won’t find that on the established gallery pages.

to find the future, you have to hunt much harder. commerce is about the past, not the future.

commerce hates risk,