overnights: rhodes. roads scholar

living in extreme climates: skin cancer or frostbite

why glop on photopaper. why not paint
cause i'm a photographer
ready access
difficult to make
materials beyond.
why fight Serra
marks // remind myself of the two galleries 49Geary.

scanson syllable
vale visible

NYC school
drip layers on surface
Barnett newmann was the spokesman. intelligent, articulate.
Rheinhart-- about rejections.
Hans Hoffman:

don't watch it on Youtube. You must get a DVD, but VHS is best.
return to the Beta past

Watching old YT how to of darkroom. Notice she (Nathalie Lopparelli) uses ferricyanide to lighten tones in the print. see: 10:25 for brush/water work

British names: Michael Walden. Robin Bell. Bill Rawlinson. Larry Bartlett. Gene Nocon.