overnights: First Friday 2023

Wratten 85 color temperature conversion filters

voltage converter. voltage regulator

why use a buck converter instead of a simple voltage regulator: heat

“Silver Eye Center for Photography, the Pittsburgh region’s only nonprofit organization dedicated exclusively to presenting contemporary photography, today announced the appointment of Leo Hsu as the organization’s new executive director. “

“Cave drawings made by European hunter-gatherers during the Ice Age were more than just artistic expressions. The 20,000-year-old markings were also a primitive writing system that recorded detailed information about the lives of animals and a kind of lunar calendar, new research shows. “Looking at the total number of marks — either dots or lines — found in sequences across hundreds of caves, the researchers discovered that none of the series contained more than 13 marks, consistent with the 13 lunar months in each year. “

Making Words:

--A carbon print is a photographic print with an image consisting of pigmented gelatin
--Both 'pigment print' and 'Giclée print' terms denote a print made from a digital file directly to paper using an inkjet printer as an output device

--Like carbon prints, the gum bichromate print process is based on the light-sensitive properties of dichromated colloids

--gelatin silver prints, in which the image consists of silver metal particles suspended in a gelatin layer

--Dye-transfer printing shared many characteristics with lithography, in which an etched metal or stone surface was used to print a dye image or text onto paper [eastman museum]