1.13.23 :overnotes

sometimes we break ground to bury something.

until the 70s, photographic processing was an evolving effort, having more myths than method. Not saying that those who hold to myths aren’t ardent. Indeed, they are probably more committed than those prepared to believe beyond their own observation; their method doesn’t stand up under the washing of myth.

modulation transfer is a Kodak term for “sine-wave response”, or “contrast transmission function.”

the emulsion is 3-d … it has depth. developer constituents and agitation methods control exchange of chemistry with the emulstion

Fixing bath capacity. a bath near exhaustion will apparently clear the negative but some of the not-easily soluble salts will remain in the emulsion. Procedure: mix fresh fixer; record time to clear a piece of film; mark that on the processing board for that chemistry. When the time to clear that film approaches double, dump the fixer and remix new.

FT-1 fixer test (hypo check). RST: residual silver test. RHT: residual hypo test.

Tanning developers work by hardening emulsion gelatin more in the exposed areas than in the unexposed, lesser exposed areas. The highlight of the negative hardens more than the shadow. This hardening limits the developing action. Chemicals don’t penetrate as well. There can also be a stain, though the stain isn’t a part of the hardening process. Many developing agents will tan and stain. D175 is an example formula of a generic developer formula that can be used for experiment.

monetary theory. freshwater economics. friedman monetary theory. all need a baseline of start and stop. they fail more times than Greenspan could explain. The internet xboyz use money to further their bullying. they are gingerbread cowards living beyond their meanings.