Kodak Dye Transfer Paper

a old stock roll of dye transfer paper was sold on eBay. congrats to both the buyer and seller.

a good price for the seller. good for the buyer too, if…

If the buyer knows how to use this; if they have conditioner and Kodak dyes, they are set to go. If they don’t have those things, they can mix both, if they know how.

I’m going to assume they do know how — I don’t know who bought it, nor do I know the seller. I’ve checked with the bakers and picklers in both printing groups — no one raises a hand. Those at OIC said they’d made an offer which was rejected. So it goes.

This paper is the mordanted type — two mordants. They are designed to control the Kodak Dyes, although the DuPont alternate set works just fine’ish. Meaning, the Greens will be too yellow. I guess that’s better than being orange’ish — making prints seem as though they were from ‘mixed’ window-light.

Oh, lets hope that whoever had this for so long stored it not on the flat. Oh, that curve you see, that is so the paper can feed into the very olden days Omega dispenser that Treck sold.