What Google Says. What Facebook Allows.

Identity is owned.
but by whom, what? Are you a robots term. Do you belong to Google, or Facebook, or Hotmail, or./…./
Why do they need your name, age, whatsit to them. Other than to mark you. Other than to market you. Other than to market to you.

The net is being owned. But isn’t that what is supposed to happen to everything? And the company is a fictional creation of the King, setup to limit the liability of some few loyalists. Something that can be easily managed. A someone of no birth, no birth right. We are headed, very quickly now, to a day, a state of being, in which we live a life as the unpaid employees of a net-company. We have only the rights they grant us. And only so long as they tolerate our desires.

Don’t believe me. Change your internet name, gender, birthday. Change anything, and you would think you’d have to apply for a visa, or pass through their hiring line. Watch what happens to the ads. Cialus or whiskey? Scooters or hot dates? And you can’t turn it off, can’t turn it down, because you don’t own it. And the senators want even more. And they will get it. Just so you can see cats fart and send the link to your friends.

the way our world churns, not a blink, but a link… then we are gone.