Walking Backwards

I have been this way before

I had it all written — but didn’t put it onto paper.

This post was about gaining back an image [mode] even with a changed method. Since I had it so firmly formed I went on to other things… It is gone. At least in the well shaped way –

In the 60s I made pictures in several ways – many explorations of the same picture rendered in differing manners. At the time I processed my own film – color, B&W didn’t matter. I was trained to high proficiency in Dye Transfer. Able to retouch separation negatives as well as air-brushing finish prints.

Things get lost. Sometimes those are ideas; mostly they are objects. More often stuff changes – ideas and ways to objects.

Photoshop is NOT built for use in the manner of a proficient color printer. Neither is it built to duplicate the retoucher from the 70s. It is, instead, built by a hobbiest with masterful math skills. Photoshop carries within it the artifact of complying with needs of the commercial offset world. It isn’t from the darkroom, except in a superficial ‘dodge & burn’ way.

The origin of this is a method, a way of finding images within the pictures: working beyond the original camera product. Dye Transfer required you pull the picture apart, then re-assemble it. To some few of us this provided opportunity not merely delayed gratification.

The picture with this post is part of a series that hasn’t satisfied me. Over the past week I’ve been working and re-working the same picture. This version is closer, which means I am headed in the correct direction. I’m still walking backwards by using Photoshop.

I am using PS3, 5, 6 — sadly Adobe, via their installation failures,  has boxed my system, leaving me with digging out old portions of software — building my own scripts, etc to get to what I had 10 years ago. Even that wasn’t what I had 40 years ago. The above would have taken me 2 days using dye transfer process. So far I’ve put twice that effort into getting to this un-successful result.

Growing Pains are harder in those with enough of a path to know another way from the parking lot.

more to come…

Seed Time

this time of year the ground crunches as you walk. even in texas.

40 years ago, in bridgeville california, I loved junk mail – it was printed on cheap paper which burned easily, so served as kindling for the stove and fuel for the outside heater – a 25 gallon lube barrel from an abandoned log head.

I no longer enjoy junk mail… but do love the seed catalogs. Generally I avoid the big name places – folks you know of if you aren’t a long timer gardener.

Even with this mild texas year I rely on catalogs for bathroom reads; fireside dreams…