Books on the Moon

books are only in the way when you move.

much of photography is built for books, well, for print, the page. Have just gotten two Sarah Moon books. One old and one just new. signed number 91.

hard color and birds with one eye. Last century, I bought several one eye bird prints from an artist at the Mountain View wine and cheese fair. They came framed. After living on the walls for a couple years we moved. Left them behind in a dark box in the attic.

Now, Sarah Moon’s one eyed book has found us again. Signed in pencil.

Hido: Homing In

“All photographers have a secret stash of photographs that float on the margins of published existence. Photographs that never quite fit into our current projects or the narrative of our latest book or show, but that are too good to be left unused. They persist: we pull them out, year after year, we recognize them as great images that should be shared, but they somehow frustratingly defy our years of shuffling into categorization or conventional use. This box set is those photographs, finally liberated from that file labeledOrphans & Misfits.” — Todd Hido