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At first

A long time ago I kept notebooks.. now, there is this site. My work is exploration of what I read; what I wonder about. Webionaire is my word for this current age.

From the notebook

Worknote –Jun 2022

found and working. ranging from the work break walkaounds. to the brokenscreen lectures. seeing things in everythings. skratches across everything. scratches making things. cracks become the lines. blobs become another thing. #marksandangles every once in a while i feel the quick post-it picture set hit me. sometimes, like this time, i post them. I should…

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Start with the instructions

the manufacturer wrote then test them to learn how your needs and their assumptions match. Never trust art that doesn’t experiment. the studio is a place of show, not a place of tell. trust your own work, distrust those that show-off rather than showing. don’t trust; test

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a morning stretch. Am waiting on delayed paper. Fedex can’t deliver in less than 5 working days; anything, anywhere. Gone are the days when Fee Enterprise gets things done; holds a commit. trying something changes certainty. more or less. zero or one. When you have an idea, more importantly, when you have a question, try…

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Picture this. AI

I’ve been letting AI pick from my photostream, grouping however whatever. Am noticing several ways that it works without having faces to recognize. this is one such: how did you do grouping them?

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Recent work: Nov 21

for more than a year, i have been taking even more pictures of the immediate. Probably because of the feeling that i’ve made too few pictures over my time, my life. a current, ongoing, seemingly endless series. these will become sets — i just don’t have enough boxes to contain them

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Boom Boom on the Road

There once was a newcomer to Syracuse. He went to an organic food store for bulk food. In the basement, on the way, was a newly opening facility for photographers. Community Darkrooms. One of the founders was Tom Bryan, who, as it goes, went on. He returned with recipes and a wife. They opened Boom…

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All Work Begins with

work begins with wondering about something. In most fields, it means wondering about that field itself. We speak the language we hear. We see what we are shown. film on lightbox got me moving into work from another way of working. The positive and negative images add to a completely other image thought. 40 years…

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I graduated with an MFA in photography at the beginning of the rush to make photography acceptable to the art academy. For a few years, I taught at Syracuse University.