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they follow the rules and are angry that they’re still not applauded.

doesn’t anyone else know their importance
how life must be allegiance to the ruler of craft
craft ruler

duplicated a craft not technique is easy

craft not the goal basis
no more creative than your consumer
; which isn’t creative
otherwise they would be makers,
not consumers

monteur — illusionist picteure plane

I see bad ID photos

nude: allegory of nature — distant ?

haze around genitals
sandpaper print

finding purpose
influence. having meaning. community. exchange beyohd material
making a world.

or fame

the big shows; breakthru showings were group shows.

photography, like show-tunes
becomes muzak
up and down;getting the same place again
and again

america loses wars

america loses wars
but never suffers...
like the south that was never punished; instead claiming grand heritage, the origin story of america. Southern counterfeit heroes, naming bases, building statues to traitors 3 generations after defeat.'

herd is eugenics
Birth of a Notion
privatization fails
is a capitalist herd protection
emotion: into the zone
body up; buddy up

herd words
group immunity
group resistance
group resilience.

what were we in december 2020
low numbers to a contagion. it spread because it was stronger than anyone of us... it still is.

now, anxious experts advice that at 50 or 60 percent we are 'herd immune'
how does this criss cross statistic crostic work

0 to 50 it is spreading
but a year later, at 50 it isn't spreading...