The Occasional Scare

Every Journey

New cameras always contain uncertainty — subject to regret, buyers remorse. Will it last; was it what I will use; what does it help me do; how well will I adjust. Those questions, and more, come to us all, or at least to me.

2 Camera Rule

About 3 months ago, I upgraded my carry about, my pocket camera. My 2 camera rule holds that I never go anywhere without at least 2 cameras. This is ever more a requirement in the electronic age, since they are still maturing. Batteries, as well as mechanicals still fail, seemingly at the best shot of the day. A variant of “whatever can, will…”
My upgraded camera was a sony MKiii. Pricey, but it seems to work in the wild, at least in my wild. It is too big for a pocket camera, replacing a cybershot that barely bulged, let alone drooping a pocket. The MKiii sags, works sony slow, but I do use it almost daily because I like what I can do with it. So it is likely in the bag, or in a pocket.

And Then

Today I walked, took about a half dozen frames, coming upon a second chance shot == IT WOULDN’T FIRE. I tried several times. Then went home. Put on the tea, and check the settings. Is the battery good? Card seated? Try at home… the front red led is flashing– what the hell is this? Shit– self timer set.

Pocket Adjustments

As I shoot, I put the camera into and out of my pocket. Clearly I was bit by the sony– easy dial — quick change — adjust at will FEATURE. Shutter was set to self-timer, by the gods of silicon, cursed.

He doesn’t have to go back to the store; I still might have to visit the cardiologist.