LFF info Preps For Sale Changes

easy motive

as part of the changes coming (valuation of largeformatphtography.info) the hive is stirring over Buy Sell changes. The BS section of most sites is the honest reason for the sites existence. Power, control of information is the motive behind the founders of such forums

changes coming

any BIZ sale, wisely rendered, will reduce costs to the current owner, typically, by cutting labor cost. In the case of volunteer labor, this means cutting the need for volunteers. Even though they are volunteer (free) labor, they are absorbers of new managements time. Better for the sale to be clean. Reduce all labor effort, then sell.

Bees Shitting

the fora is roused. Changing the rules will mean the demise… will mean less value …
Shopping is the part of the site that isn’t found by GOOG. It is the privilege of LargeFormat Hooha members; their club jacket. And for many, it is a source of income. I doubt that it provides useful information to anyone with enough motivation to embark on a new venture into large format (view camera based) photography. If you are an active photographer, you do not need the “wisdom” of the forum sages.

Link to the Hive

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