The Gap Between Inside And Out

None of us is consistent– youth is about discovering, uncovering, recovering our self from others. And from ourselves. Coming to grip is coming of age; coming to your age.

A Morning Read

hitting twitter, I found a link with: “must read this” as intro. A click onto the comment section of instagram — an image of a low mountain range. appalachiana. the text was the following clip.
Going further into the person who wrote this, I hit her main page — the one with a picture or words about ‘self’ appears. She is there in blue dress on dark ground. Posed? Perched? located or dislocated; neither really.


Her word self, and her imaged self seamed straining. Don’t know if they are coming together, or moving apart.

it isn’t easy getting to a point where music and lyrics are one, and still yours.

And So

back to my own work/ld.