Agitation: Processing Film

Gas Burst:

Gas burst can be used with any size tank and thus it can be used with any volume of solution.

Kodak recommended a one-second burst every 10 seconds at 15 PSI saying that a standard nitrogen tank would feed a 3.5 gallon tank 7 hours a day five days.

spacer plates to even flow across surface. last film over-soups[971AASPB…3….3V Page 4]

View Camera Magazine Article on Gas Burst Agitation in the May/June 2007 issue

Kodak E57 publication “Gaseous-Burst Agitation in Processing,” 8 pages, 1968.

California Stainless

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Temperature Controlled Film Process Sink Lines
Black & White, Colour Film, X-Ray, Holographic & Glass Plates

timer: Arkay BT210 or Kodak (Lektra) Burst timer 

Arkay, and Calumet sold small gas-burst in one and two gallon size. 4 hangers and 7 hangers. Calumet sold plexiglass hangers.