Film, oh the errors

Errors Loading

“the hardest part about photography is getting the film on the reel” — famous photographer you’d recognize, but I forget just now.

Roll film is loaded onto reels to be processed. The reel permits solution to get to the entire emulsion surface quickly, and if done correctly, evenly. Loading is done in total dark; making this a task for those with finger dexterity — something that must be learned by practice. Some gain the skill and confidence quite quickly, others seem to never acquire the skill.

You will make at least 3 mistakes in the first dozen rolls of film; and oddly, you will make at least 3 mistakes in the last dozen of your first hundred rolls loaded.

This is the Learners Gap.

Early in gaining a new skill, you will make mistakes because of insufficient ability. Later in skill development, you will make the mistake of confidence of skill that you haven’t fully acquired. Your body has knowledge — links that must be continuously flexed, while maintaining an open mind to the experience of action.