did we kill it by making it seem a killer thing to do

A Student Asks

I recieved a comment/ observation from one of the students who attended my dye transfer workshop this past july. she wondered if dye transfer had been killed because people thought it an unsurmountable mountain. She noted that in her case, she had collected the supplies more than 5 years ago. She never got started. She didn’t want to ‘waste’ them until she knew she would be able to make dyes well.
Since everything she read, or saw on the net gave her yet another thing she would have to have, and yet another course of study before being able to use that, she said her “sand castle would have to wait. with every tide it got knocked over.”

I don’t expect there was anything that could have been done. Probably not even much that will be done by some future “others.”

In my learning, I encounted dyes the 3rd day I was in a photo school, so I never had enough time to think they would be overwhelming — it all seemed like a day at the beach. Just grand fun. I was making pictures — all day — everyday.

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Anyhow, use it up, or pass it on. Please.