The Way

One Thread, Unraveled

In prep for a piece on effects and side bars, I re-examined one thread. Here, I’veextracted the names of the respondents in just one thread. They are listed in order of response, that is why you see some names many times. A time interaction drawing is even more revealing (in the talk)

koh303 pierre506 bob carnie Will Whitaker climbabout Gudmundur Ingolfsson Kimberly Anderson Darin Boville ImSoNegative ImSoNegative Light Guru Matsushime koh303 ImSoNegative ImSoNegative Henrim Randy Moe Michael E Randy Moe Darin Boville Gudmundur Ingolfsson koh303 koh303 bob carnie Peter Lewin Randy Moe koh303 Kirk Gittings Regular Rod Zndrson climbabout koh303 Kirk Gittings Monty McCutchen Kodachrome25 DrTang Randy Moe Peter Lewin Mark Sawyer Kodachrome25 Kirk Gittings Kirk Gittings Monty McCutchen Kodachrome25 Kirk Gittings koh303 koh303 Randy Moe Jerry Bodine Jim Galli Randy Moe Winger Eric Biggerstaff Kodachrome25 ImSoNegative ImSoNegative ImSoNegative ImSoNegative Eric Biggerstaff Jerry Bodine Kodachrome25 Greg Miller Kirk Gittings Greg Miller Winger koh303 joe freeman Eric Biggerstaff Vaughn Greg Miller Eric Biggerstaff Ari Greg Miller jcoldslabs Dhananjay Steve Sherman Ari Kirk Gittings Kirk Gittings Randy Moe Kirk Gittings Randy Moe Corran Randy Moe Corran koh303 Randy Moe TXFZ1 Peter Lewin Kirk Gittings Kimberly Anderson Kirk Gittings Kodachrome25 Kirk Gittings TXFZ1 Kodachrome25 Kirk Gittings Kodachrome25 Kodachrome25 Jerry Bodine ImSoNegative Kodachrome25

It Seemed Simple

someone posted a link to a video showing a “master” photographer. In the video he is shown walking, smoking, working… From the video there is a link offering a contact print for low price purchase (as I recall $30). That was it. The responses then proceeded to dig at the concept “master”; the photographer’s habits, skills, entitlement; finally, each other


thread title:

Master photographer Joe Freeman talks about shooting LF and contact printing

Those who responded the least, didn’t change their mind. Most of the single comment people liked the video, and the photographer in the video.
A further view: big cameras, bigger gripes… around Laredo it would be said simply:

more belt than cowboy