Slavich Paper: Update / 1-21

As paper comes and goes; as channels change; the supply of darkroom paper seems to gyrate like fashion. Photo paper is no longer a stable supply – the use dwindles, the need narrows, this reduces certainty such that people ask questions about alternates. Sometimes, just in case; other times because of changes in their restrictions, or ability, access.

Slavich paper is available in the US from key suppliers as well as a tiny niche importer. It is not a stock item – it is special order item. It can be imported, but this requires effort as well as significantly higher financial commitment.


I used Slavich for several years – several thousand prints. I like the tactile response of the paper as I work with it through the chemicals. It even spots well; well enough that the novice, who often thinks that spotting is retouching, will be able to touch those white dots away. I am drifting away from the paper, choosing to reduce the number of papers I use. Ilford will continue to be my main supplier. Foma will be my second choice paper, since I can source it from Europe. UPDATE: I NO LONGER USE SLAVICH. IT IS ALL GONE. MY CURRENT PAPER OF CHOICE IS FOMA.

..The key image of this post shows the 2 Slavich papers.. Unibrom and Bromoportrait. Unibrom is a graded paper that develops to a neutral tone in Dektol, or to a cooltone in catechol. Bromoportrait is warm tone, particularly in a warmtone developer such as Fomatol PW.

fomatol PW


How does the Unibrom compare?

This is a photo of Unibrom atop a piece of MGFB – that’s the paper with the torn edge. I can clearly see the difference in tone and density between Unibrom and MGFB. These papers were exposed to a stouffer wedge, then processed at the same time in Dektol (1:1) for 2 minutes. (in the background, out of focus, are other test sets for other setups in process)

The Unibrom is slightly less intense, as well as mildly warmer.. both attributes could be adjusted with additives… but why?

Unibrom v Ilford Classic

Ilford MGFB Classic is widely used, highly regarded easily available paper. It comes in many sizes as well as quantities. Quantity has meaning to frequent printers – I prefer a 250 sheet box to a stack of 25 sheet packs.

What Does Slavich Provide?

It is low cost, well made paper – is durable during wet stages.

The Unibrom solarizes easily. The Bromoportrait (FALL 2017 SLAVICH CEASED PRODUCTION)  is lithable (using divided dev is most flexible means) as well as having a bright warmtone for standard imaging. It also solarizes, but without the stark changes of Unibrom – the changes that most printers expect of a solarization.

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