deferring thought.

deferring thought. /// how do I… [ goes with How Does X ]

Claudia Jolles: “Are there artistic ideas that you didn’t realize because they were done before?”

Donald Judd: “Not really. I wouldn’t worry about it if someone did do it. For example, I held off using Cor-ten for awhile because Richard Serra started using it. I don’t know when I thought about it in relation to when he started – it doesn’t matter. The surface seemed rather soft to me. So I didn’t use it, and anyway it was beyond my money at the time. Then he started working with it and I thought, well, that kind of takes care of that, I shouldn’t use it. But after awhile I thought, that is ridiculous. If I use it, I use it. I started to make pieces. The surface turned not to be so soft. Barnett Newman used it too, he probably was the first one.” Interview from April 5, 1990.


matter is message

message matters