if someone’s principle is precision of procedure

then they should be able to provide clear, precise directions for that process.

further, they should be able to report the end point of their own research results — this would be their starting point, and could easily be provided to you as a starting point for your work.

all doable without bragging or fear based bias.

it should be easy to report what their filters, factors, exposures, developments are for their primary film system.

If they are also using this as an intermediate they should also be able to pass along the suceeding stages/steps..

why do they put so much effort into the reasons why not? what they tell you, they have told themself — maybe why they’ve not gotten far — perhaps they’re afraid you will get further faster than they did.

If they can/do tell you why not, why not tell you what and how they do it.


exposure balancing with neutral density filters rather than shutter and aperture.

2n15 will be at SPEnational – you could be shown the jigs and methods of calibrating exposure, development, color correction quite quickly, without the chest pounding and bragging about imagined accomplishments

2n15 Rule

if you can’t engage beyond technical you can’t get into OIC, or you are dropped

  • no more than 15minutes on process, technical
  • no more than 2 technical questions