Every Start

The procedure is the same, no matter the materials I begin with a proof, a test. From film or sensor, rolls or sheets. It was how I began, it is how I work now.

From the ‘index’ of images come the next round. In this project these small prints will be cut apart so that multiple edits can be made.

Then, the decision: is more needed? It usually is. In ongoing long-term projects the end is never found. At some point, it is best to consider the closing will never come.

Make, select, edit; endlessly, or until you are satisfied enough to set it aside.

Involving others in this cycle is hazardous. In most cases they will not be at the same level of understanding as you, so may over, or under commit; too loud, or soft a reaction. At this stage this project has about 150 images. It is just begun yet already has several directions possible.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be published. There is no deadline: no show, no editor waiting. Only the cold glow of the table asking: