Overnight: Aesthetics and Emotions

after — IEEE sept 2011 “Aesthetics and Emotions in Images”
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engineers try to feel their way into the meaning…
there must be an equation , or at least an algorithm for this, since we’ve gotten so far. we must be better than artists. aren’t we creatives too. don’t we feel. why do we need art among the artists. isn’t that a failed salon

an attempt to impart high level semantics to image content
associating pictures with aesthetics (what do they mean) and emontions with low-level image composition

“idea of Gestalt psychology relevant to aesthetics is called “physiognomics,” which states that certain objects and human behavior are inherently expressive of specific emotional states. Thus, a weeping willow looks sad because willow branch- es convey the expression of passive hanging. 


// not because we call it weeping … share the sense of falling