Overnight: Art &&

notes from the table:

MacLagan - Psychological Aesthetics
the rise and fall of the aesthetic
the split between inner and outer worlds and the impoverishment of psychological life
from iconograph to embodiment
from inarticulate to aesthetic form\
//rl inart to artic form
aesthetic, beauty and soul
art therapy and the therapy of art
towards a new psychological aesthetics
putting aesthetic and psychological qualities into words

Efland - Art and Cognition
the uneasy connection between art and psychology
artistic development in cognitive development theories
the cognitive revolution and conceptions of learning
cognitive flexibility theory and learning in the arts
obstacle to art learning and their assessment
imagination in cognition
the arts and cognition: a cognitive argument for the arts

Modell - Imagination and the Meaningful Brain
Uncertain steps toward a biology of meaning
metaphor, memory, and unconscious imagination
imagination's autonomy
the corporeal imagination
internality and the self
directing the imagination
the uniqueness of human feelings
feelings and value
imagining other minds
mirror neurons, gestures, and the origis of metaphor
experience and mind-body problem

Cognition through color