reading The Wrong Paper

as we learn one thing we forgo another. As we look for something, we don’t see the other. Various ways of saying to walk lightly, look softly, be open — said often. However, the nature of knowing means acquiring greater focus, digging deeper into something. Perhaps genius is found by the loose grip; others must hold on tightly.

Paper was always my way of acquiring the other facts of life. Words and pictures intermixed. There have been many newspaper/journals in my circling around my purposes. In the wayback 60s, artist tabloids, and newspapers were printed on newsprint in effort to be distributed widely, cheaply. It was all transient.

as a photographer, I learned to interpret the difference between that printed page and the printed photo. Even gaining skill to provide prints to be reprinted by the cheap web print. These days interpretation between screen space and my spaces — darkroom and printroom — is made easier. It is called do-check learning.

the paper print as prompt

Threepenny uses many photographs in their paper. It isn’t a photography publication, but the editors understand and give much care to providing space for photography. I am happy that it links me to former students.

The pictures must be interpreted by an understanding that comes from open, informed eyes. These type of publications provide the backup for vision. They serve to exercise the deeper eye. That bundle behind.