note: What Shall We Tell…

afterimage, 1984. Mary Warner Marien: What Shall We Tell the Children?

Two among many histories of photography.

  • Helmut and Alison Gernsheim
  • Beaumont and Nancy Newhall
  • Freund: La Photographic en France
  • Taft: Photography and the American Scene
  • Eder: Technical History
  • Potonniee: History of the Discovery of Photography
  • Newhall: Photography – a short critical history. The History of Photography
  • Rosenblum: A World History of Photography
  • Kahmen: Photographie als Kunst (’73)
  • Scharf: Painting and Photography (’68)
  • Keller: The Myth of Art Photography: A Sociological Analysis (’84)
  • Benjamin, Buzin, Arnheim, Kracauer, Barthes, Berger, Sontag, Krauss, Crimp, Jameson