Hollis Frampton

Hollis William Frampton, Jr. (March 11, 1936 – March 30, 1984) Frampton died of cancer on March 30, 1984, a few weeks after his 48th birthday. I’ve missed him for over 38 years.

To begin your Frampton quest, get the October Files book. It is about him more than by him. Hollis in his voice if represented in “On The Camera Arts and Consecutive Matters” — going deeper into the media world with ever more Frampton, read “Buffalo Heads.”

an October Files Book.


  • A Pentagram for Conjuring the Narrative
  • Edward Muybridge: Fragments of a Tesseract
  • Film in the House of the Word
  • Incisions in History/Segments of Eternity
  • For a Metahistory of Film:Commonplace notes and Hypothesis
  • Notes on Composing in Film
  • Meditations Around Paul Strand
  • Impromptus on Edward Weston
  • The Withering Away of the State of the Art
  • A Stipulation of Terms from Maternal Hopi
  • Digressions on the Photographic Agony
  • A Lecture

Circles of Confusion: Film, Photography, Video: Texts, 1968–1980 (1983)

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Hollis was of the time and mind when photography and film where becoming media. He along with the Buffalo Heads were preamble to Pictures Generation.

‘photographers are themselves, in a limited way, sensitive to light. it is their responsibility to extend the range and power of their sensibilities. ‘ hollis frampton