nutshell: Essential Skills

the test strip and trial print are necessary steps to making prints. Concept: test strip; ring around.

enlargers using the common lamps can be setup at the same starting point. A normal grade (2) for 10 – 20 seconds at f/16.

make first adjustments in extremes: try to “cross-over” to the other condition in one step. Print is too light? Make it too dark.

printing is discovery. writing is thinking. thinking makes new discoveries.

making ‘cardboard’ jigs — aids to covering emulsions during exposure

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the simple relation is exposure controls density of result. it gets as complicated from this as you may wish to go. there are two forms this failing: short exposure, and long exposure — reciprocity failure isn’t as common in short as long. tests from makers aren’t reliable beyond 10 seconds, nor for multiple short exposures. they don’t have the equipment to test this. (sensitometers)

color paper designed for laser exposure is designed for short exposures. that for common darkroom enlarger lamps is designed for long exposure.

the most essential skill: finding information. first: look the manufacturer. next, look to references published by university, research publications. never use forums as your first nor consistent source of information: they are replays of each other’s opinions. if they haven’t published a book; if they don’t have a website with pictures — they are only magpies not eagles. their opinion is their’s don’t automatically make it yours.