Learning Dye Transfer

Maybe. Actually, not. Kodak Dye Transfer ran its course — it was a commercial darling, but a market failure.

One difficulty with learning the process was in getting the relevant information together. Too often the beginner was stalled with too little information; more often they were showered with too much information. Like most first steps those first choices of: ‘how much is enough’, and ‘where to get it’ stalled most learners. Like this bit of information:

A Table of Contents:

  • Making color separations
  • Separations from masked transparencies
  • Evaluation of separation negatives
  • Post treatment of separations
  • Masking
  • Fake color and other alterations
  • Controls beyond
  • Materials and tools for separations

AND where is it now? You of this post-Kodak world learn from the survivor — the loud survivor. Many of whom are known more today than they were then. They didn’t participate in the labworld, instead they lived on the edge by writing about the process — word by word. Dollar by dollar. Until in this electronic forum they are the only voice. What do they say? Mostly tales of their purchases and notice of their sales — everything is on layaway.