overnights: Nov 20,22

writers who became photographers
wright morris
william burroughs

photographers who became writers
barry lopez
least heatmoon

And Now they tend
to talk like the loudest -- most bullying

[koraks, now,  tells stories like wiley]
// almost posted to photrrio
// also, considered highlight and St Regis on LFF

// they can’t change

it has nothing to do with the price or the

how expensive or how heavy the enlarger; not even whose grandmother can beat your grandmother.

Capitalism is a byproduct of defective democracy and capitalism is the curse of democracy a cancer
"One cannot live in a democracy and despise the popular arts "Mortimer Adler 1937

american arts ... jazz and photogrraphy... not invented, revamped forms of another's commerce. not inherently commercial, then becoming much more so

then morphing and migrating off shored
assured, then off shored

painting from italy to france to america
photography from france to america to other euro 

build the world
once again you’ve seen how fragile the world… yet how interconnected.. make your portion stronger. make it bigger.. make it shared that is the advantage of distributed protocol (ideals)