overnights: 11/22/22

numbers that match. numbers that seem to make more than they are. numbers that have look to them.

is there such
a thing as aesthetic scientist
arts engineer

after political scientist

the pictures are gone; the arguments remain

idea over
buddhist at war
vegetarian in cattle country

withering words

forumboards -- dwile away the time
anselscapes as core. roots rocks and manzar manscape

fear of chemistry, like loving woodworking but hate dust

recapping: 2000 politics failed democracy . 2002 military failed US. 2008 economy failed US. 2016 rinse-repeat

carbon ... emulsion in general ... hand job
the hand made flavor
favoring effort of <<<< over >>>

because if it can't raise to art, it can be hard craft skill
the harder it is the nobler... how second son of you