Notions: 12.24.22

Books and questions. Finding and keeping. Some who, how; some now, then.

Continuing from the other day about Ferricyanide bleaching. In searching for one thing, I found this thing:

The lesson: ask bigger google searches until you find bigger sites. I found the apenas site looking at Youtube. Rather than spending time on the devoted but declining photrio/largeformat 20th century enthusiasts of all things, check this century; then, read a book. Search using google books, and the internet archive. Much will become clear. Last century is well preserved.

To make the bleach first part you can use: only Part A is needed.

Working on: LED again. 9th street. the StarBergs. Steichen’s only picture.

A book to consider:

Book Building: Dayanita Singh

 Dayanita Singh is a book artist who stretches the imagination of what a book can be, transcending the spaces between publishing and art. Book Building traces the journeys of Singh’s books, from the first, Zakir Hussain (1986), to her latest, Zakir Hussain Maquette (2019), showing the spectrum of her book-building process, from idea to material object and how she inventively circulates them in the art world and beyond.