Enlargers: darkroom notes

A box of old guides serves more information than a web of 20 thousand posts.

Defects, negative and print errors. These are from 1950s darkroom brochures that the emulsion makers provided.

Not much has changed… just who is making the mistake.

About enlargers and an overview of what making prints would have been like. Defender became Dupont, one of my first film/paper experiences. Remains my most missed photo company.

In the “blue” above, see the callout of an enlarger. That is a condenser enlarger.

In this image is shown a diffusion enlarger. I’ve marked the two sections which, if made variable, make the diffusion controllable.

In my way of working, I use all three forms of light: Point, Condenser, and Diffused.

Each has advantage, so why limit my range // if you know how, use that knowledge.