Crumpled Fur

Wes Anderson..

I went over to YT to get a different dose of how and about. Cinema since the start of “art house” theaters has been ground for thoughtful conversations — thoughtful since they produce thought. Work that gives some answers, as it leaves room for your challenge

The question WHY, not HOW. Questions begin the same; with the same question. First questions are the place most hobbyists remain.

easy to watch… An about the manners not the means of cinema.

In the timeframe of this post, an exhibit: Friedlander Framed by Joel Coen, opened in San Francisco, followed, a week later, by the Chelsea opening. Discussion of that show decants the skill of the online community; separating them into the category of their attention -what can they understand.

The various camps of training, study given, inherent ability have always kept () apart. I use (), in this instance, as a designator looking for a word, or perhaps, a phrase which provides a handle without limits for the words ” novice, amateur, dilettante, professional accomplished”

I am writing, I should say making endless notes, about the levels, stages, distinctions among those who do something without apparent reward; why do they gain skill, how and what skill do they gain, or lack. And why the obvious answer: they learn from others, is incomplete. Badly so.