Skin Color..

the color of my hand. It changes as I age, and as I move inside, outside, in darkroom .

I’ve just been sorting old notes on my local drive, finding collected articles that I think must have been for something — just don’t know what. That doesn’t worry me, I collect so much more information, background to some midnight idea that is gone by the morning walk. That walk provides a different direction for the day.

“Despite the importance of reliable skin colour measurements, very little is known about the variability of these measurements and their dependency on the acquisition parameters. The main purpose of this article is to quantify the effect of these factors on the measurement reliability. Knowledge of the instrument settings that produce highest repeatability is useful for other researchers involved in skin measurements, and data on the inter-instrument agreement allows the meaningful comparisons between data sets obtained with different instruments. ”

“Background: Accurate skin colour measurements are important for numerous medical applications including the diagnosis and treatment of cutaneous disorders and the provision of maxillofacial soft tissue prostheses.”

“Human skin colour measurements from four ethnic groups including 188 subjects were accumulated. Five to ten locations of each subject were measured by using two different instruments, a tele-spectroradiometer and a spectrophotometer. Three repeated measurements were accumulated for each
location. Repeatability of the measurements at different locations from different ethnicities was examined using the mean CIELAB colour difference from the mean (MCDM). The colour distribution between different locations of different ethnic groups was also studied by plotting the data in a* b* and L* C*ab planes. Systematic trends were found between different ethnicities and instruments.”

“The principles of color measurement established by the Commission International d’Eclairage have been applied to skin and the results expressed in terms of color space L*, hue angle, and chroma values. The distribution of these values for the ventral forearm skin of a sample of healthy volunteers is presented.”

So, those are some of the papers gathered. Several more follow the same tenor — I never finished where I was headed, I think, because that work isn’t going anywhere. The use as diagnostic? What I probably wanted had more to do with retouching, color sensitizing, attitude measurement based upon clearly gathered perceptual datasets.

Bringing this all out is the recent form of bullying —

Back to making profiles of photons on paper.

Writing with a Reason

Do I say, or do I not?

waiting for the truth will wear-out your life. flim-flam film forumatti

Questions asked about color space, raised by users of Kodak ECN (Eastman Color Negative) materials.


  • calibrations and color space
  • fixer types
  • color neg-pos methods, alternatives

Even asking the basics causes page upon page of opinion. Links lost. Language blurring meanings, stops musing, encourages the distance between. They make outcasts of themselves. An elite group making basic mistakes.

dev stop fix finish

There are texts with the answers: the steps, the reasons, the relationships, the anticipated results. And there are also ads, along with posted opinions. The discussions center, grow and shrink around the ads. We have two simplified groupings: the wileys and the mowreys. The wiley makes 2200 posts a year; the mowrey makes 1800 posts a year. Wiley drowns out Mowrey. Wiley is an occasional producer of anodyne atmospherics, suited for hospital lobby; yet, he never did that. Mowrey was a Kodak chemist, with key patents — attempting the impossible. Answering beginner questions, as well as trying to counteract the Wileys postings.

So, why should I try? What can I achieve?

The temptation is elementary: people want to read the technical stuff. My stats, hits, show that. Do I care? Not really. In fact, that hurts; it bores me. That knowledge, the process stuff, that isn’t the me of me.

However, there is the possible good that may come: if you stay away from the Large Format/Photrio, they will go away… That won’t happen. That’s not the way of the world; any world. They exist because they provide an easy path. They are pencil sharpeners.

I will post some labnotes items. Many are now in hidden sections of the site; used by specialist printers who I have come to respect for their honest effort.

— Another version:

writing with a reason

a. done. three topics researched, edited, drafts put into keynote, notepad, first draft onto webpage... time wasted, because I will not take them further. not my interest to build another time sink.
... see what they think. who     they support... maybe different audience. i fool myself
just salesmen, intermediates... the very position that offends them, that of the gallerist, the person between creative and collector.

— interest, growth. questions for my self, or questions myself
beyond the technical effort, certainly beyond the need to explore chemical foundations. expansive effort, expending effort. gaining process 
making process gains.

put them aside, let them reside in notepad and keynotes.

“A time sink is, essentially, an activity that takes you away from what you should be doing to achieve your goal.” making a game last longer

you have to let them go on
because they just go on and on, never getting anywhere
because they don’t have a direction; usi

playing another round of liars dice, retelling tales, answers they've all heard from someone else’s life; like magpies nesting. they didn't make any of the beads used .

waiting for the truth will wear out your life. flim-flam film forumatti

a safe place to gloat, or, perhaps, a failure zone to study so i can avoid... but i've already noted my failures
there isn't any book to keep safe.