First Lessons in Color Photography

  • it is an illusion. a trompe which becomes its own reality
  • it is based upon a standard observer and a standard scene. these provoke a normal or typical response
  • the standard observer/light can/does result in subject or scene failure of the technology. Film is less flexible, being designed for mass production processing. 
  • the making of supplies has always assumed many users, not great usage of small volume users.

Learning Dye Transfer Printing

yep… I teach those with interesting portfolio … vantage point of photography …

no charge – just find me. interest me. have enough supplies.

Dye Transfer: Course

  • concepts and setup
  • seps and simple masks
  • mats and blanks
  • dyes and mordants
  • more masks and color management
  • retouching and reasoning about the process
  • who came before – what comes next

a key to success/ survival as an artist is to keep the simple things simple.

Exposing Matrix Film

Processing Matrix Film