Two Views

Trying to find words that reveal without condemning. Over the past several years, I have sought a shorthand for describing the commonplace avid photographer. Those who believe photography is an art, but don’t follow art. I’ve not wanted to hit them, even though their chosen position is to disparage much of what I view as constructive in a world.

Most of the <unnamed> use film and have for decades.


Who you know about; who you use as guide of your first efforts — these are the people of your first principles; your foundation. This foundation limits the size as well as the dimensions of growth. How big. How high.

I have known of Jungiin Lee for years, but have only recently heard of Clyde Butcher. These two serve as exemplars of two different paths. I heard of Butcher in online forums as a claimant of the mantle of Ansel Adams, and as working the manner of Hudson River School. Oddly, he misses the key to understanding the color notions, by not using color. Oh well, his real background is in selling clocks and walks.

Make no mistake, he is a success, and has been for decades. And so is Lee. These success are characteristically different. Butcher’s followers are buying art that provides functional memory of a place. Lee provides conversation with a history of art which includes photography. Her followers must understand relationships of place and object.

Their distinctions aren’t desert and swamp; they are ways of working with a place. In both people, we see continued working of their subject.

The Gallery world has accepted Jungiin Lee. Clyde Butcher has made his own gallery. In fact, he made his own destination bed and breakfast, which provides tours.

To my world, Clyde Butcher shouldn’t even be mentioned as contributor to the world of art. He is a journeyman that illustrates one journey of the weekend artist. He makes the simple seem hard, which makes it seem like art to those stuck on their first grade drawing assignment

who’s your daddy?

Snobby Hobby:

an overdue post of collected post its.

not as much underachievers but achievers of mediocrity
Like the lazy beagle, they buy the T-shirt , listen to the story and say they did it.
repressive life, life deferred in the interest of easy meaning
now, even their gurus are park guides providing parking tips; where the best place to park is. parking lots with the best view
weeds. what everyone else does
they follow brands.. names.processes…
they will be insulted by this post, yet think it isn’t them. Let me specify: do you get your information, training, share consensus with the online forums: Large Format, Photrio, Luminous Landscape, Petapixel… then you are them. FOMO is your real brand even though you assert loyalty to Foma.
Source of their wonderment. Origins: they gather around first topics, the how, and with what. They’re readers of standardized magazines whose basis is advertising and trade show sponsors
dabbler, artist with more money than skill
weekend wanderers
counter pros
// casual vs. causal
questions raised are elementary rather than elemental.
// hostile tribes trapped around a shrinking pond
// think that buying supplies is doing art. the best artist has the biggest supply cabinet
tripods. triploders. tripodists
more fear than ambition. took up the camera because they were afraid of drawing
// the venal. vernacular
picture space. source/reference space. other than counter space where weekenders pick and choose as they are picked over.
// the audience, the buyer, the pitch. who are their colleagues. what assumptions of value are brought.
// outlet. nature of challenge. expectation of self
the spare time artists
offended by the full time show offs
the wanderers hike, and bike with cameras, clubbing through recreation for mantel memory
journique, phonique
names like sun. shadow. astral things. striving for captioning in a monochromatic world
on the tree of images. dead branches.
// people who have spent decades building their fantasy life are quick to defend their choice, even violently. Their way has to be the way.
perfection is not in danger

remain close to its birth as tool for unskilled, idle wealth
those of temperament but lacking hand, time, observation.

until — used by artists as aid to /. connection with an automatic mechanical aesthetic, removed from a person. abstracting…

 until ,,, taken up by those blending its position, use, perception of it as thing

until,,, artists use it automatically. photographers become institutions 

the conversants change the conversation. anyone coming in enters through their easy access panel. art school forces the growth, but first gathers those who can reach their door handle.. probably not the easy bake gangplank of 1890 and failed draftsmen
the paper has no magic property

things with magic properties go away, since the hobby, casual, weekend wannabe has no need of magic. they’re copying some classic.

drawing from pools you don’t like: arters and the instagrammrs..
anti-intellectual as well as being anti-amateur

yet your provincialism is tripods on the weekend / paper in 25 sheet packs
Outliers just trying to out lie each other
 may be spelled correctly, just not honestly


ever wonder why their heroes are unsuccessful second careers
people who aren’t fully occupied by their project management SEO paint dealership
people who have left a technical field come to this end of the pool expecting greater weekend meaning..

snobby hobby