Mark Citret: One Method

have nothing to say

when you can’t say much, are struggling to find something meaningful about second rate art collection; call it “world class,” and pray that no one cares anyway.

Rodinal– Polyfiber A — Sterling Semi-Gloss VC

Mark Citret uses Sinar Norma, and Toyo VX125 4×5 view cameras. TheNorma is stable, however the Toyo is lighter. His basic set of four: a 72mm SuperAngulon XL, a 110mm SuperSymmar XL, a 180mm Fujinon W and a 300mm Fujinon C. Mounted on smaller Linof lens boards reducing bag space.

He (1999) uses T-MAX 100 film in 4×5 Readyloads and develops the film using a 1:49 dilution of Agfa Rodinal with nine minutes duration for normal development, and a 1:149 dilution at 12 minutes for his “-3 development.” 

Printing: Kodak Polyfiber A paper with a special toning process of his own invention to make his “vellum” prints for gallery work; because there is a limited supply of the Polyfiber paper, he makes his first prints on Sterling Semi-Gloss VC paper; selenium & sepia toned.